Song Meter SM4 Acoustic Recorder

Wildlife Acoustics

Compact, lightweight, dual-channel weatherproof acoustic recorder.

The 4th generation Song Meter SM4 is a compact, weatherproof, dual-channel acoustic recorder capable of long-term acoustic monitoring of birds, frogs, insects, and aquatic life.

Compact, Weatherproof Design

Deploy anywhere and keep your data safe.

Wildlife Acoustics is the only bioacoustics equipment provider that designs and molds enclosures from the ground up, rather than modifying off-the-shelf housings. The patented SM4 has been designed around the footprint of 4 D-sized batteries and is made of rugged polycarbonate. The result is a very strong, yet lightweight and weatherproof housing. The integrated mounting bracket and weatherproof security cover keep the unit safe and dry in the most punishing environments.

High Quality Recordings

Maximize detection and fidelity.

The SM4 features two second-generation built-in microphones that create higher quality recordings than previous generations of Song Meter microphones. The low-noise microphones have a superior signal-to-noise ratio so you capture more sounds that matter to you.

Dual-Channel Recording Capability

Two channels for more recording flexibility.

Take advantage of the SM4’s dual-channel feature to ensure that recording continues – even after one microphone is disabled by wildlife-incurred damage. Record in stereo or mono using the built-in microphones, or connect one or two cabled microphones or hydrophones. Adding additional runs of cable to the external microphone gives you the ability to capture audio from far-off wildlife such as birds in the forest canopy or frogs at a nearby pond.

Extended Deployment Times

Capture months of acoustic data.

The SM4 features efficient circuitry that allows up to 400 hours of recording time using internal batteries. In Sleep Mode, between scheduled recordings, the SM4 uses almost no power, allowing it to remain idle for months – meaning longer deployments, and fewer trips into the field.

Use the optional power cable to extend deployment times even further with an external battery supply and/solar panel.

Easy-To-Use Scheduling

Choose a schedule or create your own.

To get you started quickly, the SM4 features easy-to-use Quick Start schedules, such as sunrise to sunset. You can also customize your schedules for specific recording needs. The free SM4 Configurator software can be used to configure settings and schedules from a computer. The SM4 Configurator software also provides a Security Lock option to prevent accidental changes to deployment and recording settings.

Large Storage Capacity

Capture terabytes of data.

The SM4 has two SD card slots that accept SDHC and SDXC cards. When fitted with two 512GB cards, the SM4 can store over a terabyte of data.

In addition, you can save card space by using W4V Compression. The format doubles the capacity of your SD cards with no noticeable degradation of recording quality. The resulting W4V files can be opened with and/or converted to uncompressed WAV files using the free version of Kaleidoscope software.

Available GPS Accessory

Save money with a single GPS antenna.

When deploying multiple recorders, use a single GPS antenna to reliably set and synchronize the date, time and location settings for multiple recorders.

Longest Warranty Available

The Song Meter SM4 was designed for use in extreme weather conditions – from jungles and deserts to parts in between. In fact, we’re so confident that the SM4 can endure the most extreme environmental conditions, we back it with a 3 year warranty. That means you can focus on research, not equipment.

Song Meter SM4 Product Downloads