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Ecological Logistics and Bioseco have teamed up to offer next level mitigation for wind turbines and bird impacts. Check it out!

Solution for wind farms

How the system works:

Collision problem

Collisions with wind turbines kill millions of birds and bats around the world each year.

Bioseco’s modules

The modules are installed on the turbine’s monopole with band in the way they encompass 360 degree view. On the turbine there are 4 to 6 detection modules, on the height from 5 to 10 meters above the ground. Each detection module monitors a seperate quadrant.


The system detects birds from the distance of 500 meters and analyses their size, flight trajectory and the likelihood of collision.

Warning lights

At the predetermined distance, the system starts displaying bright stroboscopic lights to alert the birds and deter them from the danger ahead.

Warning sounds

Birds that continue their flight on the dangerous trajectory will be subjected to the wailing of warning sounds such as sirens.

Stopping the turbine

The system can be programmed to adjust the turbine’s behaviour. For example, if rare or endangered species of birds stay on the collision course, the turbine could be stopped.

Safely pass

Birds that evade collision will be monitored and after they leave the dangerous zone, the turbines will be turned on again.

The system stores detailed records of each incident for later analysis. The full data and statistic tools for the user will be provided